What Makes our Company so Unique..?

SpicesBM Uniproducts BV is an importer and (re-)exporter of (primarily) Indonesian spices, with over 30 years of in house experience, the company is headed and established by Mrs Betty Simon-Kartadiredja in the year 2003 . In fact BM Uniproducts BV is a restart of a formerly (semi) state owned Indonesian company, Unipro BV which was established in 1972. Unipro BV conducted its business as a sole agent/marketer of Indonesian spices, esp. White and black pepper, until it was finally closed down because of the then changing Indonesian Government policy of economic liberalization. The current Managing Director  of BM Uniproducts BV has been in the spice business since 1972.

Over the years, BM Uniproducts BV has developed an extensive network of important stakeholders in the spice trade, in Indonesia as well as in Europe and other countries. It is driven by an interest to improve the quality of the agro commodities it has been importing from Indonesia ever since, and to improve the livelihood of the producers at the origin. Its main source area is in Sulawesi, East Kalimantan, Moluccas, Sumatra, to name just a few origins.

As it was Unipro's main role to market agro commodities from Indonesia in the early seventies, and to aid exporters and farmers' co-operatives to develop a high standard of quality products for the international spice market, the company currently continues to do just that, and BM Uniproducts BV continues to grow steadily; its presence as a slim organization has been perceived as a secure and reliable business partner.
BM Uniproducts BV has grown steadily into a trustworthy trading house with (business and community based) activities from its base in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) downstream to the grass root level of farmers and farmers' co-operatives. Sustainable growth and trust are the key values to maintain keeping its steady pace, in the turbulent global economy of the spice trade, without loosing sight of the origin of this spice trade: its history, its culture and its people.