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Welcome to BM Uniproducts!

"With our expertise and products we can provide more flavor to your daily meal"

BM Uniproducts is an importer of spices from Indonesia. We are known as a solid and reliable company in the trade of spices particularly originated from Indonesia. BM Uniproducts B.V. is also an extended marketing arm for many spice growers and exporters in Indonesia, selling and distributing the products to different countries all over the world. Having an extensive in-house knowledge of the spice trade accumulated over a period of more than 30 years, the management also possesses a historical sociocultural and linguistic advantage to monitor and maintain a quality network of suppliers in Indonesia.

Spices are delicate products which can be grown only under the right condition. Through their years of experience, transfered from generation to generation, our producers in Indonesia have built unprecedented on-farm expertise. We keep close ties, and create a basis for mutual growth with our suppliers and local partners, upholding and developing our quality standards. Through the sinergy of ''on- and off- farm" expertise, we are able to create excellent condition for a sustained development,  selecting and processing our products in such a manner so that our exported/imported products are of a high quality norm.

Indonesia is our homeland. And our knowledge of local culture, customs and language allow us to optimize communication with local producers and buyers. We know how it works! As a small company with vision, working from our basis in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and from our office in Jakarta, Indonesia, we have direct contact with our suppliers which ensures excellent and fast deliveries. BM UniProducts BV is designed to meet the requirements of her clients in Europe and elsewhere. We keep our approach simple and direct. For further information, feel free to contact us!

All our products are originated from Indonesia...

Nutmeg  Nutmeg

Mace  Mace
Cassia  Cassia

Cinnamon  Cinnamon
cloves  Cloves

White & Black Pepper  Pepper